About Us

PHPro started late 2013 as supplier of call center staff and programmers as part of a Dutch company. At the end of 2014, PHPro decided to separate itself from the Dutch mother company in order to be able to grow faster. The original mother company still is a customer of PHPro.

At the moment PHPro has 5 different customers. For them we employ 10 software engineers, system administrators and webdesigners and 50 call center staff. PHPro works especially with programmers from The Philippines and Vietnam and with call center staff from Surinam (for Dutch) and The Philippines (for English).

The second half of 2015 we expect to increase our customer base to 10 customers, which we also see as our maximum growth possibility. In 2016 we will have the opportunity to grow faster, but we will keep it limited since PHPro is solely financed with equity. PHPro was profitable from the start and has no debts. This guarantees our customers that we will be able to finish projects we started with them.

We do not only supply staff as outsourcing projects but are also willing to help you set up your own company in Asia, and employ employees yourself. Or anything in between.

PHPro offers a full service package, in modules, that are available to customers:

1. Search & Hire staff in South East Asia and Latin America, project based.
2. Employ staff on your behalf in our own Philippine or Surinam company, or employ them on the Hong Kong company.
3. Management of the employed staff.
4. Setting up a local office on your behalf.
5. Support customes in employing their own staff on their own company.
6. Train local management on your behalf to manage your own employees.
7. Offer consultancy on offshoring/outsourcing projects.

We are able to offer 1 single module up till the full 7- module package.

Our Team

The management & senior staffs of the company contains 5 people:

Madelle Castillo
(Managing Director) - The Philippines

Tran Thi Thu
(Quality Controller) - Vietnam

Mylene Rivera
(Call Center Manager) - The Philippines

Edwin Kali
(Call Center Manager) - Surinam

Rene Dorenbos
(Account Manager) - The Netherlands